Architectural Planning Design

Every new build or extension requires accurate drawings that must be submitted to a local planning department unless the construction falls under Permitted Development rights, for which we would on behalf of clients, apply for a certificate of lawfulness to inform the authority of any such proposed works to ensure that there are no comebacks on the client in the event of neighboring disputes, etc.

Leicester & Leicester work with various architects in whom we put prospective clients in touch to accomplish relevant drawings and who will also provide a comprehensive level of service by submitting them on behalf of a client along with liaising with the authority in the event of any adjustments that may become a requirement.

So, even if a build project does not hold relevant drawings under a permitted development scheme, then we still recommend that potential clients fill out our Architectural Planning And Design form to ensure that all things in a manner of consideration have been followed through properly.

Once we have received the application form to contact a client for architectural drawings, an appropriate member of the team will be in touch to move the project on to the next phase.

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