Leicester and Leicester

Alan Peel


Working within the building industry as a bricklayer for most of his life, Alan is one of those rare jewels you seldom come across. The quality of his workmanship is of an exceptionally high standard, he takes great pride in his work and never cuts any corners.

As a time served trades man, we seized the opportunity to bring him on board as it is precisely this kind of quality in which we would expect for all of our clients.

Alan is just yet another outstanding contribution to the Leicester and Leicester brand for which we are proud to have him and place him in work scenarios that will ultimately receive the highest standard that the people of Charnwood have become acustomed to using the Leicester and Leicester brand. 

Thank you Alan for being part of the team and for being the shining example for other bricklayers to aspire towards.




Favourite Movie: Gone with the wind

Favourite Drink: Milk

Favourite Pastime: Dressing up as a girl

Pet Hate: Dressing up as a man

Favourite Colour: Pink

Ideal Gift: Channel number 5

Favourite Song: I'm a Barbie girl

Favourite Telivision Program/s: Rainbow

Favourite Actor: Jeffery, Bungle and Zippy

Favourite Comedian/s: Jeffery Bungle and Zippy

Hobbies and Interests: Shopping

Ambition: To be successful and happy in life 

Favourite Saying: To be or not to be

Star Sign: Leo