Leicester and Leicester

Luke Green


Luke has only recently started with the company and has already demonstrated himself to be a valuable team member.

Analytical in his methodology and taking his job very seriously, Luke is committed to being one of the company's qualified electricians and encompasses a wide-range of skills in his chosen profession, which sequentially is applied into his engagement with us, to ensure that our clients have confidence knowing that relevant electrical deployment meets with current legislative guidelines and to ultimately meet the demands and needs of our clients.

So far Luke has demonstrated all of the required traits to become an official member of the Leicester and Leicester brand. 

Thank you Luke for being a great team player; your efforts for the company and its clients are greatly appreciated!




Favourite Movie: Cinderella

Favourite Drink: Ribena 

Favourite Pastime: Shopping for the right shade of lipstick

Pet Hate: Anything that does not involve shopping

Favourite Colour: Rose Pink

Ideal Gift: A nice girly dress

Favourite Song: The Bear Necessities

Favourite Telivision Program/s: Horrible Henry

Favourite Actor: Jeffery from Rainbow

Favourite Comedian/s: Zippy from Rainbow

Hobbies and Interests: Sewing

Ambition: To be successful and happy in life 

Favourite Saying: I'm late

Star Sign: