Leicester and Leicester

Steve Wilkinson

Site Clearance Manager

Fulfiling the duties involved within this operational area is perhaps one of the most important roles within the company. Steve is our SCM (Site Clearance Manager); his role is to ensure the health and safety of workers by clearing spoils away from all live sites. His day-to-day function is to take preventative measures by visiting all sites on a regular basis to ensure that any site hazards, i.e. building waste, is removed quickly to avoid unnecessary injury to both staff members and home owners that would be living in any property as works are being conducted.

Steve takes his job very seriously and is always looking at ways how to improve site safety for the Leicester and Leicester workforce. A truly valued member of our team that is always looking out for the best interests of the company and those whom engage us. Going above and beyond the call of duty we appreciate everything that Steve does for the Leicester and Leicester brand.

Thank you Steve for being a valued member of the crewe, your services to us and the Charnwood community do not go unnoticed!




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