Leicester and Leicester

Qamar Hussain

Contract and Negotiations Director

Possessing a diverse entrepreneurial background, it is no wonder that we immediately snapped up the opportunity to persuade this multi-talented individual to join us as one of the leading directors of the company. Qamar brings to the Leicester and Leicester brand a wealth of business knowledge that is leading the company into a complete new level of style and sophistication in which all of our clients now electronically engage with.

Going above and beyond the call of duty, Qamar has electronically presented the company in the light we have always wanted to see it; his attention to detail, business acumen and IT and marketing skills have completely turned around the way we operate the company. Qamar has the ability to spot where electronic engagement is business critical and will seamlessly make the necessary changes to the infrastructure of the company to accommodate such change.

Qamar is one of those extremely rare individuals that will always keep everyones best interests at heart before he makes a decision as to how best to proceed on any construction works. As a market leading company for the borough of Charnwood and surrounding areas, we are immensely proud to have this multifaceted individual on our team who not only puts the electronic side of our lives in order, he, in addition with his other business interest, manages the entire operations of the Leicester and Leicester brand.

Great leadership, great company to be in, passionate in everything he does and a great person to have on your side in any build / business project!

Your presence in the Leicester and Leicester brand is tremendously appreciated thank you for being part of our team!




Favourite Movie: The Good, the bad and the ugly

Favourite Drink: H2O

Favourite Pastime: Spending quality time with people close to his heart

Pet Hate: Lazy people, shopping and petty government rules that unnecessarily hinder advancement

Favourite Colour: Black

Ideal Gift: A damn good P.A.

Favourite Type Music: You can listen to a sample of it by CLICKING HERE

Favourite Television Program/s: Documentaries on government corruption, Freeman on the land, UFO's / ET's and Ancient civilisations 

Favourite Actor: Robert Diniro | Clint Eastwood and the Batman

Favourite Comedian/s: Laurel & Hardy

Hobbies and Interests: Photography | Restaurants | Cinema (Baxtergate) | Politics | Human Rights | Business | Help good causes

Ambition: To be successful and happy in life 

Favourite Saying: Beyond the walls of justice runs currents and tides of public opinion that lap at the courtroom doors

Star Sign: Taurus