Leicester and Leicester

Kibria Choudhury

Building Contractor & Client Liaison

From humble beginings the Co Founder and one of the Directors of the Leicester and Leicester brand, Kibria; started his career in the building and construction industry from the early age of 16 and has remained working in it ever since.

As an experienced and multi-talented member of the company there is very little that he cannot turn his hands to; hitting all targets everytime with every job, Kibria has proven not only to the company but, to the people of Charnwood also, that; with persistence, dedication to high quality standards, attention to detail, honesty and good old fashioned hard graft that, there's no end to where a man's ability can surely take him.

Leaving no stone unturned whilst on a build project, Kibria is a breath of fresh air for all of our clients who in turn are assured that all works are carried out to an exceptionally high standard and always in accordance with Building Regulations.

Creating many jobs within the Charnwood community, the company owes a huge debt of gratitude to Kibria for having to endure the pain and suffering that is naturally all part and parcel of building a great company that clearly is going places with a dedicated focus on creating employment for the great people of Charnwood. 

Thank you Kibria for demonstrating great leadership skills and your committment to the company when everything was against you!




Favourite Movie: Law Abiding Citizen

Favourite Drink: Red Bull

Favourite Pastime: Socialising | Weight Training 

Pet Hate: Putting fuel in the car

Favourite Colour: Blue

Ideal Gift: Aftershave

Favourite Song: Does not have one, likes too many to say

Favourite Telivision Program/s: Empire

Favourite Actor: Nicholas Cage

Favourite Comedian/s: Kevin Hart

Hobbies and Interests: Exercise | Business Development | Good Causes | Humanitarian Relief

Ambition: To be successful and happy in life 

Favourite Saying: What goes around comes around

Star Sign: Taurus