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17 Aspen Avenue - Charnwood, Loughborough

17 Aspen Avenue - Charnwood, Loughborough
18th July 2016
8th October 2016

Project Description

A simple single storey extension is what our client requested to accommodate the growing needs of their home.

Located in a peaceful setting, the owners of this detached David Wilson property are now enjoying their home from the development of a single storey extension along with an additional extension to the porch area.

Works on this project have now come to an end; our client now has the benefit of a relatively good size extension and has accommodated the demands and needs of their home.

The additional living space has instantaneously made life much easier for the family; we are very pleased with the comments our client has given to us over and over again.

This is now a complete project leaving our clients feeling very happy for them to get away from all the rubble and get their lives back to normality.